About us

Frontline started in 1991 and we have over 20 staff in London and Glasgow. We bring a wide range of public and private sector experience, and many of our staff have worked at senior levels.

  • Who we are

We help organisations achieve their objectives by helping them do things better. At Frontline we deliver measurable outputs, and we concentrate on working
with you to transfer our know-how to build your organisations capacities. Our approach helps you do things better and to make those improvements and benefits stick.

Frontline will help you in:

Policy and strategy - making decisions on the best services to achieve both world class outcomes and value for money

Improvement and delivery - driving up the effectiveness and efficiency of your services so that you get better performance and outcomes

People and organisations - developing individuals, teams and organisations so that you are better able to meet emerging challenges and opportunities

Evaluation and learning - knowing where, how and why you are getting the best impacts and how to improve outcomes, benefits and value for money

  • Our Directors

Dave Anderson

Dave is Frontline's non Executive Chairman. Following an early career working in policy and programme development roles in the Manpower Services Commission, Dave spent 17 years as a Senior Director and Chief Executive within the Scottish Enterprise Network. He led projects such as the Ayrshire Management Centre, Loch Lomond Shores and Edinburgh BioQuarter before taking
on the role of Director of City Development for Edinburgh where he helped to attract major new investment to the city and had responsibility for planning, asset management, economic development, transport policy and emergency planning (as Council Gold Commander for major events). He is the Managing Director of Radicalba ltd and is currently engaged as Programme Manager for the £350m Northgate Development in Chester. He serves as a Board Advisor to the World Cities Network and is a Fellow of the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Brian Mellon

Brian is Frontline's Managing Director and a public policy and business strategist. He leads the teams working in
economic development, tertiary education and commercialisation. Brian has particular experience of working with
multi-organisation projects with the objectives of performance and quality improvement, and in public sector collaborations and mergers. Brian's background was in engineering manufacturing and he has worked with a range of organisations in future-focused studies and scenario planning.


John Deffenbaugh

John is a business strategist, developer of leaders, coach and a Non-Executive Director, at NHS National Services Scotland.
He works across the public sector, supporting strategy creation and implementation, and providing coaching and mentoring
for boards, teams and individual leaders. His current focus is on joining the dots across policy areas and systems to deliver
public value. John's business expertise is in strategy creation and implementation, life sciences, corporate governance,
top leadership development, coaching and performance management using the balanced scorecard.  
He works from our London office.




  • Procurement frameworks we are on

We are proud to be on a number of different procurement frameworks these include:

• The Elis Group Framework - for more details on this click here 
• Crown Commercial Service
• HealthTrust Europe 
• NHS Leadership Academy
• Invest Northern Ireland
• Highlands and Islands Enterprise
• Scottish Enterprise
• Calderdale and Hudderfield NHS Trust 

  • Recruitment

We are not currently recruiting at the moment.

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